Developer Services

Sherwill Drake Forbes is

Experienced in providing advice to residential and commercial property developers in order to de-risk a site at the earliest or most practical point to achieve best value.

We can work as part of a team to help successfully implement strategic projects including:

  • The removal or diversion of utilities on development sites
  • Securing grid connections required for most large-scale renewable schemes

We recognise that dealing with utility companies and their internal processes can be slow and frustrating.

We can help speed up the process and avoid any unnecessary project delays. Developers are often wary of the balance between terminating existing rights and negotiating new supplies with the same utility companies – this is an area to which we can help bring clarity and strategic thinking.

We can provide excellent advice on the subtleties of wayleave terminations and the implementation of ‘lift and shift’ clauses and rights to diversion under legislation.

The removal of diversions of electrical equipment is often forgotten and can cause significant delay when schemes are due to come online. Sherwill Drake Forbes will remove these uncertainties by ensuring that these types of issues are dealt with at the appropriate time.