Strategic Land Promotion

Sherwill Drake Forbes has cultivated strong links with developers and land promoters.

Our Planning and Development team act on behalf of a number of clients, assisting them to make the most of any development potential. Sites range from smaller residential and commercial developments to large urban extensions and renewable activities, including solar PV.

Sherwill Drake Forbes is able to advise on the development potential of a site, using their knowledge and understanding to connect you with a suitable development partner to try and maximise the value of your site.

We can provide advice on schemes that involve options, promotion agreements and joint ventures. We will negotiate the terms of these agreements for you. Our team also has experience in bringing forward schemes to a point of granting planning permissions without the support of third party land promoters.

Discuss how our Planning and Development Team may be able to assist with your own requirements.

Case Study

Houghton Regis

Proud to be associated with one of the UK’s most exciting housing-led sustainable mixed use schemes.

As part of the urban expansion of land to the North of Houghton Regis and in partnership with other landowners, a mixed use scheme to include employment land, a school, local centre, significant areas of green space and up to 1850 homes is being brought forward. Consultation with local residents, the wider community and Central Bedfordshire Council is ongoing. Following the achievement of planning permission in 2015, Sherwill Drake Forbes has brought the land to market and has been actively involved in the development of the site’s infrastructure.

Sherwill Drake Forbes Director, James Paynter MRICS, commented ‘Our Planning and Development Team have been involved from the commencement of strategic promotion of this site. The success of any long-term planning exercise, requires an excellent client relationship where pragmatic advice is given and to aid key decisions in a timely fashion. We are proud to be associated with one of the UK’s most exciting housing-led sustainable urban extensions’.